Staying Fit and Fabulous Over 40

7 Steps to Stay Fit and Fab Over 40

If you're like most women, finding the balance between your work and personal life while juggling everyday demands poses a constant challenge. Taking care of everyone else in the family often means putting your own self-care last.

By the time women reach their forties, they notice some subtle (or not so subtle) shifts. Many start to experience the symptoms of perimenopause and early menopause, with dramatic changes in their energy levels, weight, and sleep patterns.

Safeguarding your health becomes more important at this critical stage. Let's look at some steps you can take to prioritize your wellness in midlife and beyond.

  1. Eat healthy and stay hydrated. A balanced diet with more fruits, fiber and vegetables (along with fewer processed foods) goes a long way in helping you to maintain a healthy weight, prevent illnesses, and enjoy a longer life. Read labels to avoid hidden sugars and have fun in the kitchen by experimenting with new spices and alternative grains. Increase your water intake for better hydration and to flush out toxins. Boost the flavor profile with lemon, mint, or cucumber.
  2. Stay active. Just 20 minutes a day of walking or moderate-intensity exercise can help you maintain a healthy body weight, sleep better, protect your immune system, boost your mood, and revitalize your energy. Take a yoga or dance class, a dip in the pool, or learn a fun new sport to ensure better balance and mobility for the years ahead. Improving your strength with weight-bearing exercises can help you build better bones.
  3. Get proper rest. Don't skimp on sleep; making it your best friend is the key to optimal well-being. Turning off the screen and going to bed a little earlier each night can do wonders for your health. Take a warm aromatherapy bath or sip some bedtime tea to promote the deep restorative REM sleep that repairs the body and ensures your long-term vitality.
  4. Manage stress. Easier said than done in today's frenetic world, right? Women tend to do too much in a culture that compels them to be multitaskers, caregivers, and superwomen. Still, there are ways to cut down on your stress and cultivate balance. Try to delegate, set boundaries for yourself, and say no to overextending yourself. Soothing music, a good book or movie, a yoga practice, nature and pets, or simply talking with a counselor can help.
  5. Know your numbers. It's never too early for preventative well-woman care like a mammogram, PAP test, DEXA bone density scan, cholesterol panel, blood pressure checks, and diabetes screening. Checking your hormone levels for proper balance is the foundation for optimal health. A thoughtful lab panel can help identify early symptoms of menopause or dementia, while bioidentical hormone pellet therapy can help prevent years of anguish later on. Our sister company, SottoPelle®, can help you find a skilled provider and create a plan to support your hormonal balance.
  6. Cultivate healthy habits. Reduce excessive sugar or alcohol intake, smoking, snacking in between meals, and relying on caffeine or energy drinks. Swapping the TV for a game of pickleball or a round of golf can hit your reset button for a happier, healthier life. Adopting good habits can help women better navigate the later stages of life.
  7. Find your joy factor. At CAITERA, we believe that optimal wellness begins from the inside out, with a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Carve out a little "me" time each day to find your bliss, whether connecting with friends, walking the dog, or just sitting quietly in nature.

Recent studies indicate that women can look forward to a longer life expectancy beyond their late 70s due to advances in modern medicine. By making these lifestyle enhancements and supplementing with the right nutrients, women can protect their health.

We want you to be your very best at any age. Our doctor-formulated nutraceutical WELLNESS WAKE-UP™ is a 6-in-1 multivitamin designed to support your optimal well-being and vitality with a special complex of vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients, and probiotics.

Ideal for women over 40, it offers a wide spectrum of antioxidants, adaptogens, essential minerals, and energizing herbs to help support healthy circulation and vascular function. Vitamin D helps to maintain bone health, while Vanadium supports healthy blood sugar levels.

Designed for midlife and beyond, this revolutionary blend of science and nutrition not only meets, but exceeds, the required daily levels of key nutrients needed to help maintain your good health.

Nothing fulfills us more at CAITERA than helping women like you enjoy happier lives and age gracefully!

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