CAITERA® was born to empower hair growth, healthy vitality & hormonal balance in midlife and beyond.

My late husband Gino Tutera MD, FACOG originally developed our GROW & BEHOLD™ nutraceutical as a result of his own hair thinning journey. One day looking in the mirror, he realized that he could see right through to the scalp at the front of his head. It was honestly quite shocking to see because he previously had a nice, wavy, thick head of hair.

He worked closely with a skilled chemist to develop the ideal formula. After just a few months of using his own product, he confirmed that he could no longer see his scalp.

Fast forward to a few years ago. Like all of us, my stress was way up during COVID. It took an unfortunate toll on my hair and nails. So, I started GROW & BEHOLD, and began seeing a huge difference in both my nails and hair, too.

Inspired by personal experience, I worked with a clinical research firm to conduct at 6-month independent study on grow & behold. I'm pleased to say that we received truly outstanding results . . .

Participants reported that daily use of the GROW & BEHOLD supplement helped prevent hair loss (87.10%), improved hair growth (96.77%), restored strength of hair (87.10%), resulted in thicker hair appearance (83.87%), and improved hair density (96.77%).

We had already expanded with other vitality supporting nutraceuticals, but I knew it was time to formulate a shampoo and conditioner to take thinning hair care to the next level.

CarolAnn Tutera