De-Stress Your Tresses

De-Stress Your Tresses

Stress takes its toll on our strands. During bouts of stress, we often load up on the coffee and junk food, reach for a pizza and a margarita, skip the exercise class, and stay awake at night. We fall off our health routines . . . then we notice our hair falling out and losing its luster.

Sound familiar? Stress can wreak havoc on your hair, and chronic levels are a major culprit of hair damage.

While some stress is part of life, hair loss doesn't have to be. CAITERA® has solutions to help restore luster and life to your distressed tresses.

Causes and culprits
It’s natural to lose 50-100 strands a day. But if you start noticing more significant loss, it’s time to consider your lifestyle choices, stress levels, and hair products.

Healthy hair depends on diets rich in vitamins and minerals like biotin, zinc, and selenium that help prevent hair loss. Nutritional deficiencies result in the loss of shine, luster, and thickness. Inflammation can also damage hair follicles and lead to breakage or dry, brittle hair.

High stress levels produce more oil in the scalp and can disrupt the hair’s natural microflora balance, inhibiting hair growth. Studies show that stress hormones put the stem cells of hair follicles in an extended resting phase that can stop hair growth and cause thinning of the strands.

Types of hair loss
There are three types of stress-related hair loss:

  1. Telogen effluvium is hair loss resulting from stressors such as an illness, a medical condition, surgery, medication, nutritional deficiency, or major life stressors. The hair goes into a resting state in which growth is halted.
  2. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune hair condition that occurs when chronic stress weakens the immune system. The hair follicles are attacked by the body's immune system, causing bald patches on the scalp that can lead to significant hair loss.
  3. Hormonal imbalances from severe stress that disrupt hormone production and lead to thinning hair. Stress hormones impede the hair's ability to grow by reducing blood flow to the scalp and interrupting the delivery of vital nutrients.

Most of your strands are always in a growth phase, while only 10 percent on average remain in a resting phase. However, during acute stress, over half of the follicles can enter the resting phase, followed by a shedding phase for two months. As a result, hair follicles become deprived of necessary nutrients, which leads to hair loss.

Solutions for stressed strands
Stress management, hormone replacement therapy, and lifestyle choices like a healthy diet can help alleviate the damaging effects of moderate stress on your hair. In addition, supplements may help restore luster and promote regrowth.

CAITERA offers doctor-formulated products based on three pillars to reinvigorate hair growth, nourish the follicles, and maintain a healthy scalp. They are packed with biotin, botanicals, antioxidants, and vitamins that help condition the scalp, fight follicle aging to prevent hair loss, impart luster, and strengthen strands.

3 steps to renewal
Hair growth requires selenium to boost immunity, and zinc to protect the follicles and stimulate scalp health.

Step 1 is our GROW & BEHOLD™ nutraceutical, created to restore and help repair thinning hair with these key ingredients as well as d-Biotin and saw palmetto. This clinically-tested supplement boosts hair shine and fullness, and can help slow the biological processes associated with hair loss.

In fact, in a 6-month clinical study, participants reported that using GROW & BEHOLD on a daily basis prevented hair loss (87.10%), improved hair growth (96.77%), restored hair strength (87.10%), improved hair density (96.77%), and resulted in thicker hair appearance (83.87%).

Step 2 is our HAIR SAVIOR™ Promeric Shampoo. It delivers a deep cleanse, while helping reduce hair loss, thinning and breakage. It hydrates and nourishes the scalp and hair, enhancing volume, shine, strength, and texture.

Step 3 is our HAIR PROTECTOR™ Promeric Conditioner. It protects against damage, restores elasticity, replenishes moisture and promotes lustrous hair. Aloe vera and turmeric help reduce thinning and shedding, while nourishing castor oil fortifies the hair for added brilliance.

Love your scalp
Our convenient SCALP SCRUBBER offers another tool to promote healthy hair. More than a relaxing indulgence, it helps boost circulation to deliver nutrients to the scalp, exfoliate, and promote hair growth by supporting healthy follicles. It will leave your scalp feeling invigorated!

Together, we can get to the root of healthy living and the roots of healthier hair.

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