Top Ingredients for Hair Growth

Top Ingredients for Hair Growth

Check the label—does your shampoo have the two hair-strengthening ingredients recommended by doctors?

Biotin (aka vitamin B7 or vitamin H) helps promote hair growth by improving the condition of the scalp, while helping to strengthen and thicken hair strands. That means tapping into your hair's potential for greater volume, body, and thickness.

Saw palmetto is a must-have for healthy hair. It helps nourish and strengthen hair follicles, while helping to balance oily scalps and prevent dryness. All of this means greater protection and increased resilience.

When used together in shampoo and conditioner, these powerhouse ingredients are the gold standard for helping to improve the overall health and appearance of your hair and scalp.

"Biotin and Saw Palmetto support your hair follicles and scalp by providing key nutrients, supporting the body's building blocks, and encouraging healthy hair growth. It's an essential partnership for those with thinning hair." Dr. Steve Nunn

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