Mental Health Tips for Menopause

Mental Health Tips for Menopause

Women in perimenopause and the menopause transition are at a higher risk of depression, both from psychological and physiological influences.

The stress of today's modern life, compounded by increasing demands on women to be "everything" lead to interrupted sleep, tumbling thoughts, and a sense of being "out of sorts" in your own body.

Here are five tips that may help:

  1. Get your hormones checked. Our sister company, SottoPelle®, can help you find a skilled provider and create a plan to support your well-being.
  2. Eat from the rainbow. Incorporate lots of healthy fruits, vegetables & lean protein. Some of our fave quick bites are sacha inchi seeds, sashimi, and avocado toast.
  3. Move to the beat. We started weighted walks, where we leave the office with weighted wristbands, so we can listen to our happy playlist, soak up some Vitamin D, and do a few arm curls along the way.
  4. Step back from self-criticism. If you have a critical thought about yourself or your body, acknowledge it at a distance. Give yourself no more than 2 minutes to sit with it before you detach, and replace that thought with something more positive.
  5. Talk to a trusted friend or therapist. You are not alone on this journey, and it’s important to have a helper who can assist you in setting expectations and moving confidently through this chapter.

You are beautiful. You are glorious. You are worthy.

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