Look to Saw Palmetto for Hair Improvement

Saw Palmetto for Hair Improvement

Saw Palmetto is a great way to address scalp hair loss or unwanted body hair growth, by helping to balance hormone levels.

How Does It Work?
Saw palmetto helps block Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) receptor sites, and the conversion of Testosterone to DHT. It may also prevent hair loss by limiting DHT uptake in hair follicles.

Individuals dealing with hair fallout who consistently use saw palmetto nutraceuticals report improved hair quality and increased hair density.

Bolster Beauty by SottoPelle® has a best-selling hair nutraceutical with Saw Palmetto.

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Happy Hair Clients

“I’ve been taking this for 8 months now and my hair and nails are loving it.” Lisa B

“I am quite pleased with the results so far. I have been taking the hair repair formula for 30 days and already see a noticeable improvement in my hair growth and strength.” Carrie

“In 9 months of using SottoPelle's hair repair supplement, my hair is now stronger and fuller than ever before. My hair stylist was amazed.” Gail S.

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